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Dr N Issac's Surgery 
Acton Health Centre

Acton Health Centre
35-61 Church Road
W3 8QE
Phone: 020 8992 6768
Fax: 020 8896 2908













Adoption and Fostering


Adult Applicant Examination                                                                                  £80.00


Child: Adoption Medical


Child: Fostering Medical


Registered Child Minder


Forms C, D, YP, or AME (detailed medical examination to report on child


Each Other Report eg. Adult 1 - Medical Examination to report on prospective parent,


preliminary examination of child.






Driving Licence Application Form (patient)                                                              £30.00


Fitness to Drive Report (DVLA Report)                                                                    £40.00


Endorsing Driving Licence for Elderly (patient)                                                        £15.00


L.G.V. (H.G.V) Examination & Report or Diabetic                                                      £120.00


Cab Drivers Examination & Report                                                                          £120.00


Cab Drivers Extract from Report                                                                              £100.00


Diabetic Drivers Form – no examination (patient)                                                    £30.00


Elderly Drivers Medical (examination and report)                                                     £50.00
















Insurance Report Only (PMA)                                                                                  £100.00


Comprehensive Clinical Examination and Report                                                    £160.00


Report with Examination (detailed opinion and statement on the condition of the patient)  £160.00


Accident/Sickness Insurance Certificate Extract from records                             £30.00 £105.00




Short Certificate (without examination)                                                                  £30.00


BUPA/PPD Claim Form                                                                                              £30.00




Life Assurance Reports


Medical Examiners Report with Examination                                                            £100.00


Extract from Records                                                                                                £100.00


Report Without Medical Examination or Opinion (private medical attendants report)        £100.00


Legal Solicitor Report                                                                                                          £100.00


Photocopying notes/ Data protection                                                                                  £50.00






Private consultation per appointment inclu. overseas visitors                                             £80.00


Employment Medical                                                                                                            £100.00


Employment Report                                                                                                             £100.00


Pre employment Medical                                                                                                      £100.00


Fitness Centres & Gyms                                                                                                       £30.00


Copying Medical Notes and Reports               £10.00 FOR ELECTRONIC RECORDS ONLY                      


                                                                                                                      UP TO £50.00 FOR COMBINATION OF ELECTRONIC AND MANUAL RECORDS


Private Letter                                                                                                                        £20.00
Private Prescription                                                                                                               £20.00


Private Sick Note                                                                                                                   £20.00


Advised Self Certificate -








Social Services/Social Issues


Attendance Allowance                                                                                                            £35.00


Disability Living Allowance                                                                                                      £35.00






Solicitors Report                                                                                                                     £130.00


Solicitors Examination & Report                                                                                              £160.00


Patients Records sent to Solicitor                                                                                           £50.00






Miscellaneous Examination Special Act Medical                                                                       £130.00


Miscellaneous Special Act Report                                                                                            £130.00


Certificate of Fitness                                                                                                              £100.00


Racing Drivers Medical                                                                                                            £130.00




Statement of Character


Passport – GPs will no longer sign photographs






Record of Imms. For Occ. Health                                                                                             £30.00


Vaccination and Immunisation for Travel Abroad (per course of injections excluding cost of


vaccine)  See Travel Fees


Holiday Cancellation of Certificate                                                                                          £30.00


Holiday Cancellation Report                                                                                                   £30.00


Fit to go on Holiday                                                                                                                £30.00


Fit to Fly                                                                                                                                                                     £30.00


Letter for Travel – Insulin/Epipens                                                                                         £15.00


International Certificate Vaccination                                                                                       £15.00


Freedom of Infection Certificate                                                                                              £15.00




Holiday Insurance Certificate (for person unable to travel on grounds of ill health)               £30.00 

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