Practice Info

About Acton Health Centre

Acton Health Centre will do our best to serve the community, regardless of ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or religious beliefs.

We encourage equality and will treat each patient fairly, based upon need. As a patient of this practice you are responsible for keeping the practice informed of changes to your address, and ability to attend appointments that have been booked for you. We will in turn let you know of any changes to your appointment or appointment time. No care or treatment will be given without the patient’s informed consent.

The Health Centre has ramps and lifts for patients who are disabled. For hearing aid wearers we have a hearing aid loop installed at reception.

Our approach to your healthcare

It is the aim of this practice to provide a high standard of patient care by both medical and non-medical staff. We wish to be an approachable and accessible practice which provides personal care. We hope to respond to changes in modern medical practice and ensure our medicine is carried out on a basis of scientific validity, and equitably for all patients

We undertake to…

  • treat you with courtesy and respect at all times.
  • treat you as a partner and discuss with you the care and treatment we can provide.
  • give you full information on the services we offer.
  • provide you with emergency care when you need it.
  • refer you for a further opinion when both you and the doctor treating you agree it is necessary and would be of benefit.
  • keep the consultation and your records confidential.
  • give you a full and prompt reply to any complaints you make about the service we provide and try and change practices if we agree this would be beneficial.

In return we ask you…

  • to be patient and civil at all times. We ask you to treat us in the same manner as you would wish to be treated yourself. We recognise that illness can be very stressful and a time of extreme worry.
  • if you have a problem , do not take it out on a member of staff; they are only trying to do their best for you. It is much better to make an appointment to see the doctor who is looking after you and discuss your problem with him/her. If it cannot wait until then, ask the receptionist to request that your doctor to contact you as soon as possible. Please leave a telephone number where you can be contacted for the rest of the day.
  • if you move house, please inform the reception staff of your new address when you are in the surgery. If this is not possible, ring or email the surgery with your new address. Please check the section on practice area to see if you still live within the boundary. It is essential to let us have your change of address and telephone number. This is of particular importance if you have been referred to a hospital. A large number of hospital outpatient appointments are missed due to a patient changing address after the referral letter has been sent and before the appointment has been sent out. The NHS can ill afford to have these slots lost. It is also very important to tell the hospital of your new address if you are on a waiting list for an operation. The quickest way to find yourself at the front of the operating queue is to be available at short notice, which means a correct address and telephone number. If you are unable to keep an appointment or the condition has improved, then let the hospital know and someone else can have your appointment.